Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Second Mennonite Wedding

i was pretty tired from the 4th of July shabang, but i had to get back on the road by 9am to get home for Jenn's wedding in Lancaster. i made manthan drive because i don't like driving in Jersey, mainly because i have no idea where i'm going, also mainly because i was tired.

Took about an hour to get back to manthan's and another hour for me to get home. i arrived home a little bit before 11am and that game me about an hour to shower and get dressed. i was so tired...Was not looking forward to an hour and a half more of driving to amish country Lancaster.

Surprising my dad did not get lost on the way to the church and we even got there a little over an hour early.

Linford, groom, borrowed a John Deere tractor for his wedding vehicle...the biggest non-articulated tractor made today. It takes up like one and a half lanes on the road. Turned out to be pretty fast for something that size...

Here is rachel chillin with her baby josiah. He was much more entertaining than the last time i saw him.
i snapped this one of brent without him noticing. His hair is getting pretty long...i keep offering to cut it but he turns me down everytime. i'll just have to cut it while he is sleeping during our trip to Hilton Head.The Wedding was definitely different...probably the craziest wedding i'll ever go to.
The timing was not managed well, i spent most of my time waiting around to be told what to do next. At least that gave me more time with the cousins.
Not sure what was going on in this picture. After waiting outside forever brent and i finally decided to hit the cooler in van filled with Guinness, Twisted Tea, and Mike's Hard Lemonade. i've already been to a dry wedding and it was pretty painful...i need some kind of alcoholic beverage to consider it a wedding.
Mmmm beer....Felt kind of weird drinking a beer in a church parking lot...but i brent and i were really thirsty so it didn't bother us that much.
The reception took place in the gym at another church. After sitting there for a good time waiting for everyone to show up, my cousin eric recruited brent and i to do the cake pick up. So i missed the fun entering of the bride and groom. i'm sure i won't lose that much sleep over it.
Here is the center piece, corn of course....
julie was making a fishy face...but my camera took long to turn on so i missed it.
Caught josiah spitting up water and drool...he didn't cry at all. Such a good baby.
Aunt Shirley gave eric the keys to her car. Eric is probably the worst driver ever. He hit like three things in the parking lot. i was lucky enough to call shotgun and brent had to sit on the cooler for the ice cream cakes in the back.
Somehow we were suppose to fit 10 cakes in one cooler...that was pretty much impossible. Eric did manage to fit 6 of them and we rushed back to the reception to get the other four into a freezer.
The cake was alright, i'm not a big ice cream eater...and i don't really care for chocolate...and i was full from the crazy dinner. Definitely didn't bring my "A" game for eating.
i remembered my uncle floyd wanted to try some of my wine this past christmas but we ran out of time or something and he didn't get a chance too. So i brought four bottles for him, the shiraz, pinot blanc, french cabernet sauvignon, and the muller thurgau. i have no idea what the pinot blanc tastes like or the cabernet...interested to see what he thinks about them. We did a shady exchange between the two cars in the parking lot.

brent was pretty enthusiastic about me riding home with him...but then he got all crouchy in the car and didn't talk to me. i believe it had something to do with him being made to sit in the back :'(. Some things never change. Since brent wasn't talking to me, lucky me got to watch Mickey Blue Eyes with julie on the cars entertainment system. At the gas station aunt janice switched seats with her son so he might be less of a punk ass.

i've been down this road several times and i've never noticed this store. i wonder what they have in there...i bet they have some sweet video games.
i was pretty beat getting back. Passed out before midnight. Good times..

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